Frequently asked questions


90 DAY Consignment- Your items will stay at our store for that time frame, no exceptions.

10 DAY Grace Period

As a courtesy, you have this time to pick up your expired items. If not collected by YOU, all your inventoried items belong to FIRST DIBS, no exceptions.

The week of the 21st of every month- It is the CONSIGNERS responsibility to pick up your check of 20$ or more. This can only be collected by YOU only during this said week.

MONEY NOT COLLECTED- Money not collected by YOU within 30 days from your expired date will become Store credit for 30 days.

Email, Call the STORE or Come in- Feel free to inquire within your consignment period to check on your status. We DO NOT call to update you on sales of items in your account.

You drop off- You pick up- When your items expire, it is YOUR responsibility to collect and locate your items throughout the store. We are happy to assist you for a 50 fee.